carbon tax

/ˈkabən tæks/ (say 'kahbuhn taks)

a tax on the consumption of fossil fuels, as a means towards achieving a reduction in their use.
There are two types of carbon tax. The first is designed to recoup some or all of the costs of managing and repairing the environmental damage caused by such fuels. The second is designed to penalise those industrial activities that emit carbon dioxide as a by-product, with the intent of promoting the use of low-emission energy sources or production methods. Such a tax alters the dynamic of an economy by not treating carbon dioxide as an externality. Since the tax is levied directly on the emitter (whose costs then flow to the customer) with expenses of energy and raw materials at the source of production,  there is a stimulus to industry to substitute affected inputs with more environmentally favourable energy and material sources. A carbon tax is an alternative to an emissions trading scheme as a model of greenhouse gas reduction. Advocates of a tax rather than a trading scheme argue that it provides simplicity, scope and more immediate reduction on the amount of carbon dioxide generated.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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